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In recent months, the team at Elite Risk, working with our Captive Insurance partner, has created the new Elite Outbreak insurance program for Pandemics that specifically includes coverage for a COVID19 Relapse.

As our States and the Country, start taking the first steps to reopen our economy, we understand the trepidation business owners are feeling.

With questions that go from, when am I going to reopen? To what will happen to my business if I reopen and have to shut down either due to a COVID19 contamination, or another Pandemic Regulatory or Civil authority shutdown by local, state or federal government?

Or, how can I have confidence that my Vendors will provide me with the supplies I order and pay for? The above, are all great questions, and quite frankly, our new reality.

 Our team has worked diligently through ideation, what if scenarios, and what can we do to assist our clients with a way to protect them and make them whole as they start to rebuild.

So, we created the Elite Pandemic Outbreak insurance including Covid Relapse model to embrace each client’s unique insurance needs, our policies can have coverage included for the following due to a Pandemic and specifically a COVID19 Relapse:

Business Interruption

Cast Coverage

Receivables due to bankruptcy of Buyers

Regulatory Change and Civil Authority

Supply Chain Disruption

Reputation Repair or Brand Rehabilitation

 Our policy is best suited for the following industries with multiple locations, and with coverage being Triggered by meeting state and local government compliance:




Film, TV and Content Providers




Real Estate



 If you think you or your client is a good candidate for our new Elite Outbreak insurance program, please contact Jeff Kleid to discuss.

Jeff can be reached at 818-968-1353 or [email protected]